Breakthrough Next-Generation Sequencing Technology Patent

By June 29, 2016Press Releases

TOMA Biosciences has staked claim to their proprietary methods for sample preparation and  targeted DNA sequencing through a U.S. patent titled, “Direct Capture, Amplification and Sequencing of Target DNA Using Immobilized Primers” that extends to 2032.

The new patent includes rights to unique library preparation methods based on oligonucleotide selective sequencing (OS-Seq). It also covers TOMA OS-Seq™ reagent kits, which contain all the necessary reagents and step-by- step directions to efficiently prepare sample DNA for sequencing. Laboratories can use these reagent kits to accurately detect and analyze all alterations in single- and double-stranded DNA from low volume and poor quality tumor tissue or “liquid biopsy” blood samples.

TOMA’s licensed OS-Seq technology doesn’t use a bait set or hybrid capture during library preparation, which are fundamental to the techniques of most other companies and currently at the center of legal contention.

This patent is only a part of the broad and robust patent portfolio that TOMA is pursuing worldwide.

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