Genomic Sequencing Procedure Microcosting Analysis and Health Economic Cost-Impact Analysis

By April 28, 2016Industry News

The increasing use of advanced nucleic acid sequencing technologies for clinical diagnostics and therapeutics has made vital understanding the costs of performing these procedures and their value to patients, providers, and payers. The Association for Molecular Pathology invested in a cost and value analysis of specific genomic sequencing procedures (GSPs) newly coded by the American Medical Association Current Procedural Terminology Editorial Panel. Cost data and work effort, including the development and use of data analysis pipelines, were gathered from representative laboratories currently performing these GSPs.

Results were aggregated to generate representative cost ranges given the complexity and variability of performing the tests. Cost-impact models for three clinical scenarios were generated with assistance from key opinion leaders: impact of using a targeted gene panel in optimizing care for patients with advanced nonesmall-cell lung cancer, use of a tar- geted gene panel in the diagnosis and management of patients with sensorineural hearing loss, and exome sequencing in the diagnosis and management of children with neurodevelopmental disorders of unknown genetic etiology. Each model demonstrated value by either reducing health care costs or identifying appropriate care pathways.

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