Rapidly Evolving Cancer Genomics IP Landscape

By July 11, 2016TOMA News

Cancer genomics technology is rapidly advancing worldwide — creating a complex, evolving, and valuable intellectual property landscape that will impact how this technology will be clinically implemented.

Clinical pathology laboratories need to understand both the next-generation sequencing technologies and their intellectual property landscape, in order to maximize their performance and minimize a risk of lawsuits.

You can learn about these critical issues by viewing our 30-minute webinar with Vern Norviel, intellectual property attorney and partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Greg Jensen, vice president of business development at TOMA Biosciences.

Together they discuss:

  • Unique technologies used to prepare DNA for next-generation sequencing
  • Intellectual property landscape
  • Recent lawsuits over next-generation sequencing patent infringements
  • How to minimize risk exposure

You will see that TOMA Bioscience’s robust patent portfolio for broad NGS methods are transferred to customers who purchase TOMA reagent kits, which protects these clinical laboratories from unnecessary risk exposure.

Photograph by NY Photographic