The TOMA Difference

Simple, efficient & meaningful technology

The Challenges

Identifying alterations in an individual tumor is a difficult taks. While technology to sequence DNA has advanced rapidly in recent years, significant challenges still remain:

  • Scarce amount of tissue
  • Highly complex mixture of cancer and normal cells
  • Fragmented and damaged DNA from fixation and storage

TOMA Solution

Our proprietary technology overcomes these obstacles to reveal the most clinically meaningful data even from low volume and poor quality cancer samples.

Our simplified, highly efficient single-stranded library preparation method:

  • Minimizes sample loss
  • Amplifies only targets of interest instead of the whole genome
  • End-to-end library preparation in as little as 15 hours, no over night incubation required
  • Detects down to a 2% mutant allele frequency
  • Completes target enrichment within two hours
Product Data Sheet

The TOMA OS-SeqTM Cancer Assay delivers comprehensive analysis of the most clinically relevant cancer genes across all tumor types, including genes well established in literature for lung, breast, ovarian and many more cancers.

Our standard TOMA OS-SeqTM Cancer Assay enables the analysis of 131 actionable cancer genes. However, our panel design is highly flexible, allowing for the additions of genes as new evidence is generated, as well as for selection of subset of genes for focused panels.