Comprehensive & targeted sequencing technology enables precision oncology

TOMA OS-SeqTM enables comprehensive analysis of important types of tumor samples, including highly damaged FFPE samples and limited volume fine needle aspirations.

End-to-end sequencing of every targeted gene using TOMA OS-SeqTM reagents allows detection of all alteration types:

  • Copy number alterations
  • Single nucleotide substitutions
  • Insertions and deletions
  • Select fusions important in cancer (just released)

Copy number alterations remain the most important clinically meaningful class of genomic changes in cancer. The TOMA OS-SeqTM Cancer Assay provides robust copy number information missed by other commercial solutions.

The TOMA OS-SeqTM technology targets 130 clinically actionable cancer genes, such as genes associated with FDA approved therapies and clinical trial studies.

The TOMA OS-SeqTM Cancer Assay offers a fast, simple and efficient way to generate reliable and clinically meaningful sequencing data from small tumor samples.

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Preparing a sequencing library is down to a single day


Improve yield even from low volume or poor quality DNA


Detect important actionable changes