Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are generating a wealth of information to help improve cancer treatment. The goal of this webinar is to understand how to maximize the data obtained from the most commonly encountered samples found in clinical cancer genomics.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • Strategies to maximize data yield
    • from archival tissues with limited volume (FFPE, CNA, FNA and plasma)
    • which techniques can enhance yield and improve data quality
    • establishing the right controls
  • Implementing cancer genomics in a clinical setting
    • high quality metrics
    • fast turnaround time
    • rapid scaling
  • Patient-specific, physician-ready analysis
    • harnessing and interpreting clinically actionable information
    • how to determine which tests have the most clinical utility
    • identifying the most relevant on-label therapies, off-label therapies and clinical trials